Presenting Linguakit

  • 4 November, 2014
  • Linguakit

Within the last months, Linguakit‘s team has developed a laborious work which it has covered a several stages that today allow them to celebrate its official presentation.

At the beginning of the summer Linguakit began its career with Cilenis verbal conjugators, opening its doors to the world with the promise of going to widen its suite of tools. Throughout these months, we have been filling the different modules of Linguakit with linguistic instruments as varied as a summarizer, a corrector, a translator, extractors of keywords, Part of Speech Tagging, word frequency or a sentiment analyzer; many of them has pioneering in the languages offered.

In this way, Linguakit’s team went hand in hand with all our users. As the same time we have been introducing our linguistic modules, we have been receiving the suggestions from many people that every day used these services.

The feedback created between us and our users was essential to: improve our product, establish an excellent communication with our users and anticipate their needs:

  • We fit our plans making them more attractive
  • We expanded the number of characters in the consultations
  • Linguakit now allows you to insert web addresses, possibility that saves time when we deal whith long texts
  • We offer a more direct information to the user on its consultations
  • We improve the calculation of the lexical variety (in Frequency module) restricting its calculation to the most significant words such us verbs, nouns, adjectives and adverbs
  • Without all this previous work, Linguakit would not be the linguistic suite that we now intend to be: a kit of linguistic services a kit of language services to a broad range of people; from the most closely language professionals to that people who are curious and friendliness for languages.

    Thanks to this feedback between users and company, the beta version of Linguakit has been hugely enriched getting to level up, and forcing us to go one step further. This is the reason that this week Linguakit is in highlight of the social pages in Galician, Spanish and Portuguese press. We want to met us, reach more people and show to the entire world that Galicia there is a place to linguistic engineering.

    We just want to say thank you to our users and clients and welcome to news users!