Linguakit changes its appearance

  • 1 August, 2014
  • Linguakit

A new home page, more practical and more complete

From Cilenis we strive to offer you quality products. Therefore, changing the home page of Linguakit we want to make you more accessible navigation and management of its suite of tools. So, when you enter on Linguakit the first thing that you are going to find is not the verbal conjugator, you are going to see a screen of full analysis.

What is this?

Now, in a single step, Linguakit performs a more complete analysis using part of the information provided by their tools. In one screen you can see the number of words and phrases in the text, a summary of its content and the sentiment of that summary. In addition, Linguakit gives you the five most important words and multiword in the text, the most important entities mentioned therein, the most frequent words and the context in which appears the keyword that you have chosen.

However, if you need further information just click on the desired tool for the complete analysis. And other tools like translator, corrector, part of speech tagging and syntactic analyzer, can not show a partial result. They have a link that redirects the text to these modules to get the full result. Just, click on the appropriated icon and that’s it!

What are you waiting for? Enters on and discover how is its new appearance. More functional than ever.