Proofread with Linguakit

  • 1 August, 2014
  • Linguakit

Since Linguakit’s launching on last June, we have incorporated new language tools in order to offer you a comfortable suite for extraction and text analysis. So today we add an interesting new module: the corrector.

The application of linguistic engineering on support tools for professionals and individual users is becoming more and better valued. In the case of the corrector, this is something that certainly results in the improvement of this linguistic tool which is often underestimated . On the one hand, over time, the idea that its role was reduced to a mere spellcheck was spread and, on the other hand, many people thought that it did not stimulate an autonomous learning from mistakes. Contrary to this thought, now we know that there are clear advantages of using this tool: the detection and the automatic analysis of errors minimize the time of correction and the active participation of the user (he is who becomes aware of the error and who decides its correction) motivates a mature self-learning.

With our advanced corrector for Portuguese, Galician, Spanish and English, which is based on LanguageTool, an open source software for more than 20 languages, you can, without losing any second, identify the lexical and grammatical errors within the chosen text, know the didactic explanation of this error and the suggestions that are offered for correction.

We think that communication between tool and user should be close. Cilenis and a specialized group in language technologies PROLNAT@GE have worked in the corrector of Linguakit, bringing their knowledge and resources. But user collaboration is essential to improve and update this instrument. Become an active user of Linguakit and help us to refine and adapt the suite of tools.