Linguakit is keeping to grow!

This week a new tool enlarges Linguakit. However, this time it is a unique module for Pro users as a gratefulness for their confidence.

Linguakit’s translator

Translate was never a simple task. It needs a big dedication and time which we often have not got. For this reason, many times we need support provided by the automatic translators, but choose the best translator can be a real headache. However, with Linguakit this task will be easier, because it chooses for you the best online translator available according to the pair of languages that you select.

How does this tool work?

The Linguakit’s system is basecally based on three translation’s platforms: Apertium, Bing and Google. All of them are available for different languages, but its translation stands out much more in some languages than others. The system of Linguakit is able to detect which is the pair of languages that these platforms best translate, giving you the most reliable existing translation for the languages that you choose.

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