Linguakit defines the frequency of the words

  • 31 July, 2014
  • Linguakit

Writing is a linguistic ability of great value, easy for some people which are able to move naturally in this area and complicated for many others. How to relate the words in a text is crucial to give it character and transmit with consistency the idea we want. Thus, the chosen vocabulary, the variety of words, the type of used forms (verbs, adjectives …) and the extension of the sentences define the style of the text that we are writing or reading.

The analyzer of the frequency of words, the new Linguakit tool, helps you to know the style of other person and to care for your own style.

With this new module that Linguakit incorporates today, you can find quickly and easily the frequency of words in a text according to their grammatical category (verbs, adverbs, nouns, adjectives, entities, lexicon). So, on this way you can find out the style of your writing: do you use many verbs? Then your essays are full of action and dynamism? Do you use many adjectives? Are your texts descriptives?

But this is not all, Linguakit also gives you other generic data, but not less important, such as: the number of sentences, words, phrases and characters with or without white spaces. In addition, with the frequency analyzer you can see the lexical variety of the text. It is calculated as a ratio of the number of lemmas and the number of words. This is a valuable information which is offer by few tools. So, you can check and improve your writing style without spending your time on it.

Economize your time. Just start to take advantage of the usefulness of this new instrument. Now is so quickly and easy to refine and personalize your writing style.Try it!