Galician Android Keyboard made in Galicia

  • 21 July, 2014
  • Cilenis

In the last weeks, Cilenis, in collaboration with the company of consultancy, Faz Cultura, they have both submerged in the project to provide a new linguistic application for Android devices.
We want to offer a Galician keyboard which can be able to give a better response with respect to the correction of the written Galician language, but also we want to facilitate its management on mobile devices. For this reason, we offer you the Galician Android Keyboard.

It is the first keyboard 100 percent free and for all. Until last week, there were two options on the market, but only for certain brands of devices like Samsung and Sony, or by paying for some functions.
The election of the platform was clear: 90% of mobile devices in Gallicia are Android. But also for being an operating system of open code what is within the philosophy on the free software of our company.

With everything already prepared, and ready to publish the Galician Android Keyboard to share with all of you this new work, Google gave us a surprise by announcing its keyboard for Galician. Even so, we are sure that our work was not in vain and, for this reason, we want to put on record what we did and the work that is behind by publishing it on Google Play.

Our modus operandi consisted of combining the computer development, linguistics and cultural consultancy of Cilenis and Faz in order to make the first free Galician keyboard. It is based on the official keyboard of Android which offers the best answer to an insistent demand: write correctly in mobile applications.
The Galician Android Keyboard is a modification of the module AOSP Keyboard to which the linguistic resources created by Cilenis were added to reach the excellent degree of correction for the Galician language. It is provided with gestural writing, intuitive prediction and a linguistic support allowing continuous improvement.

We have developed, specificly, a dictionary and a list of common mistakes. The first one, has 500,000 entries (lemmas and inflected forms) generated from the dictionary of Avalingua and the CilenisConjugator. It includes place names, personal names and other proper names extracted from the Wikipedia in Galician, Galipedia.
Finally, it is really important for us to emphasize the great effort made in the creation of the most frequent forms of verb+pronoun (told you), very common, but ignored by other mobile keyboards for Galician. These forms were learned of corpus created from blogs and social networks in Galician.
The list of common mistakes was also developed from a corpus made by Cilenis.

This new tool, created by Galician people, on the basis of research in Natural Language Processing, developed by the Group PROLNAT@GE, linked to our company Cilenis, will allow writing correctly in the Galician language.

We all know that it can not compete with Google, but it could not happen somewhere far from Silicon Valley that a small spin-off helped by its linguistic potion, gets over the greatest?

Enter on and just try it!