Linguakit adds the summarizer

  • 4 July, 2014
  • Linguakit

Do not waste any more time by selecting information, Linguakit does it for you.

Time is one of the most valued resources that we have. That is why, in our daily life, we try to save resources as much as possible. Therefore, given the enormous amount of information that we have to deal with throughout the day, it is indispensable to us an aid that provide us with access to the main information of what we are interested in. We need to sift, sum up and select the most important information, whether it’s sources of information very extensive as simply to obtain the key ideas of a text. Linguakit helps you in this task putting at your disposal the summarizer.

A summary is a brief but truelly representation of a document’s content (F.W. Lancaster)

With this new linguistic tool, available for Galician, Spanish, Portuguese and English, you will obtain, in only one click, a summary with the main ideas of a text. A rapid and simple way to select the most relevant information. Choose the size of the synopsis, by indicating the percentage of abridged text that you wish, (up to a maximum of 50%) and just click to the button.

The Linguakit’s summarizer is based on a system integrated by several modules: segmentation of phrases, morphological analysis, keywords and multiword extractor and weighting of phrases. On this way, Linguakit assure you a synopsis that represents the truely information contained in the selected text.

What are you waiting for? Just enter on and try our linguistic tools. Surely that you repeat.