Linguakit’s user

  • 20 June, 2014
  • Linguakit

Throughout the day our conversations, expressed orally or in written form, comprise thousands of words. We are all language’s users, but we are not linguists experts, but on many occasions doubts invade us, doubts about how to write a word, what is the meaning of it, how translate or even how combines a verb in one language. Even, sometimes we need to look at a written text from which we want to obtain general information or another one more specific. This is the reason why we resort to the use of linguistic tools from a conjugator to a summarizer. Linguakit offers you the possibility of locating these tools in a single portal.
Certainly, we can all be Linguakit’s users. But, if you still have doubts of what Linguakit can bring to you, choose the profile that best suits your characteristics and discover what might be the advantages of using this creative portal:

  • Creative user. If you are a creative person, a professional of marketing or advertising, in Linguakit you will find a number of tools like sentiment analyzer or keywords extractors, among others, that make the best of your imagination. So, with sentiment analyzer you can assess, for example, an advertising slogan.
  • Practical user. If practicality is paramount for you, if you want a lot of information in a short time, Linguakit puts at your disposal keywords and multiword extractors, a name entity recognizer, which provides more specific information of a text (who, where or when), the summarizer…
  • Scout user. If you consider yourself a curious person who likes to inquire about linguistic aspects in Linguakit you will find lots of digital instruments, such as keyword or multiword extractor, a verb conjugator or a pos tagging. With them you can access and obtain information about languages. If you want to know, for example, how many times a word appears and the context in which is in a text, the keyword in context extractor is your tool.
  • Perfectionist user. If you characterize yourself by being a perfectionist at your profession, maybe you are an expert translator, an editor, a journalist or even a teacher. Or even you belong to another educational institution and you want to speed up and improve the quality of your daily work. You will find very useful tools in Linguakit such as a translator, a corrector, a dictionary… You can translate a written text more effectively because Linguakit locates for you the best free online translator available for the pair of languages that you have chosen.

If you are among these user profiles or you are just an innovative person, who wants to explore the combination of language and ICT, we open you the door of our new home, Linguakit.

In addition, today we continue enlarging this portal by including two more modules: the language identifier and keyword in context extractor (KWIC). The first one is able to recognize in what language is a written text, thanks to the use of models of language, morphological structures and a lexicon with statistical weight extracted from corpus. On the other hand, keyword in context extractor provides you, automatically, the anterior and posterior context as well the frequency of a selected word appears in a text. But this is not the end. At the beginning of next week an interesting instrument will join the Linguakit family: the name entity recognizer. Stay tuned!