Today we launch Linguakit

  • 11 June, 2014
  • Cilenis

The load of energy and motivation that the experience lived in the MIT of Portugal supposed for us the last year and the Honorable Mention that we obtained caused that we submerged in this new adventure. The Know how acquired from our birth and the desire to improve of our equipment took to us to create Linguakit, a digital platform in which we group an interesting package of tools for the linguistic text analysis.

Linguakit aroses after years of investigation by ProLNat a group of USC, from which Cilenis was born. With Linguakit we want to make you available a set of instruments with which to explore and to obtain the major linguistic information of texts and written documents as it was possible. At the same time, Cilenis offers to the world of the computer science development, CilenisAPI, a web portal that provides the Linguakit tools oriented to this industry.

Linguakit initiates its walking with our verb conjugators of Galician, Portuguese and Spanish, already known by most of you, but, in the course of the next weeks, we will be incorporating new modules of linguistic tools and textual extraction. We want that this language kit has everything what you may need to obtain the best data of a text.

Soon, you will be able to analyze and to explore any text with the aid of a keyword extractor a sentimental analyzer, bilingual dictionaries, a pos tagg, a metatranslator… and everything will be there, ready to be used. With these digital instruments, available in different languages, you can, on the one hand, analyze and automatically look for all type of information in written documents, and on the other hand, get familiarized with accessible linguistic concepts that they integrated our global cultural patrimony.

We invited to you to begin to explore Linguakit pressing in the following link