Cilenis and Marc Vidal

  • 10 December, 2012
  • Cilenis

This Monday, 3th of December was a very important date for Cilenis. Today we sign with Marc Vidal, an indisputable referent of entrepreneurs and the new economy, the entrance of Idodi Labs in our business project.

Marc Vidal is a skilled economic forecaster in new economy, with a stood out profile in academic, professional and media fields. In 2010 it was selected like one of the ten more influential people of Internet in Spain. His main project, nowadays, is Idodi, and their three parts: Idodi International, Idodi Corporate and Idodi Labs. Marc Vidal creates and promotes new projects, building a network of technological companies in which Cilenis is now there.

We are very proud to belong to the Idodi Labs family. For us, this is an amazing opportunity to expand our project, because the experience and knowledge of Marc Vidal and his team is joining to Cilenis group, we believe this will bring our wishes very far. This agreement makes possible to have his “mentoring”, with the collaboration in the technical and economic development and the impulse in the process of internationalization.

This Monday was an intense day, it started with a breakfast in the House of Europe with professionals linked to the IT in the University of Santiago and of the business, like Alberto Lázaro (Tuapli), José Ramón Pichel (Imaxín Software), Manuel Quintanar (deputy director of the Hostal of the Catholic Kings), Mabela Casal (director of the Library of the USC), our mates Isaac González and Pablo Gamallo, and with Juan José Gómez, manager of Unixest, as host.


After the signature of partners, we initiate a complete working time in Uninova, in which we exchange impressions, ideas and projects with Marc Vidal. We learned of his business vision, his knowledge of the markets, the development of businesses and the internationalization.


This incorporation is decisive for our team, we are totally sure here begin a new exciting way full of oportunities.